Lucky: The Two-Legged Hamster

Lucky was born on December 16,2012 with the 6 other pups. The other pups are all 100% normal except her.. I don't know which of the parents chewed her legs. I just found her bleeding on the same day she was born. At first I was deciding if I would just separate him with the parents let him die but he was still strong, I felt pity on her so I let her to be with the other pups and parents.

Lucky came from a male dove and a female argente mottled umbrous.
So these are photos of the parents with the other pups..

Male Dove helping to take care of the pups.

Female Argente Mottled Umbrous
I didn't take a solo photo of Lucky on the first day she was born because I don't know what to do with her but I do have one on the next day.

Here's Lucky on the next day he was born. She was 1 day old in this photo.
As you can see on the photo the wounds seems like they are healed. Yey!
Hmm.. I think it's kinda faster, it's just yesterday when I saw him bleeding that I thought she wouldn't survive in 24 hours.

Lucky at 1 day old.

Day 2

I measured her this day and she'a about an inch long. 
About her health, she's still strong and active! Like the other pups,  craving for the breastfeed!

Lucky at 2 days old.
Lucky with the 6 other pups.

Day 3

Lucky's dorsal stripe is visible and the skin starts to thicken preparing for the coats.

Lucky at 3 days old.

Day 4

Whiskers are now more visible. I think Lucky gained weight! Just look at her belly! Haha

Lucky at 4 days old.

Fast forward....

So here's Lucky. 17 days old to be exact.
And yes! She's a Red-Eyed Lilac. Thank God she's very healthy and active.